Changed on: 04.11.2020

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations FAO attaches great importance to the biodiversity of food crops and environmentally friendly agriculture. This should help stop the loss of species and varieties and promote the preservation of plant-genetic resources (PGR). Furthermore, biodiversity is maintained for future generations through cultivating numerous different varieties of different species.

This is where AGES plays an essential role in preserving biodiversity and, thus, an intact environment. Maintaining a gene bank for agricultural crops enables AGES to promote the preservation and use of plant genetic resources counteracting the loss of species and varieties.

AGES Receives 5,000 Gene Bank Samples

AGES is making an important contribution to preserving biodiversity through its gene bank for agricultural crops, officinal and aromatic herbs. The national catalogue at provides information on this and other Austrian gene banks.


Rare arable crops

This information portal provides an overview of both the rare arable crops (SLK) as well as the measure of the Agri-environmental Programme, which promotes the cultivation of rare agricultural crops in Austria.


Plant of the Month

About 5,000 seeds and plants of agricultural crops, including officinal and aromatic herbs, are stored in the AGES gene bank. Every month, we introduce one of these plants in more detail here.


Wild Plants

The Department for Plant Genetic Resources in Linz supports the preservation of wild plants in collaboration with the Department for Environmental Protection of Upper Austria by storing seeds and cultivating wild plants.