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The Kitchen

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Changed on: 10.12.2015

Interactive Picture Kitchen Hygiene

The majority of foodborne disease outbreaks originate in private households. The interactive picture shows what you should pay attention to in your kitchen and what you should rather not do.


Shopping and Storage

It is important to keep the cool chain intact when handling perishable foods (use cooler bags). Make sure you set your refrigerator to the correct temperature (ideally below 5° C).


Defrosting and Preparation

Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator. Use separate kitchen utensils when preparing meat and vegetables. Heat meat thoroughly.



Clean your refrigerator on a regular basis, ideally wash your dishes in a dishwasher, use kitchen paper instead of a sponge cloth.


Private Household Hygiene

The study "Food Safety and Hygiene in Private Households" analyses consumer behaviour. The results show that more information is needed.