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Welttuberkulosetag 2018

Changed on: 11.04.2018

Tuberculosis in Austria

Despite the fact that the number of new infections per year was on the rise in 2016 after a 10-year period of decrease, the number of tuberculosis infections in Austria is still low. Contact over several hours in closed, badly aired rooms would be necessary for the transfer of the bacteria. Short periods of contact, especially outdoors, do not pose any relevant risks.



Mykobakterien gehören als Erreger der Tuberkulose bei Tieren und Menschen zu den wichtigsten bakteriellen Infektionserregern. Die eigentlichen Tuberkulose-Erreger werden aufgrund ihrer engen genetischen Verwandschaft zum sogenannten Mycobacterium tuberculosis-Komplex (MTC) zusammengefasst.


Multi-Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Europe

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has issued a cross-border report on 16 cases of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB) in patients from East Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea). Seven cases have been detected in Switzerland, six in Germany, two in Austria and one in Sweden, to date.