Vector borne Diseases

Mosquito Monitoring

In order to monitor the spread of exotic mosquitoes and new pathogens, the AGES collects gnats at selected locations in all federal states. Following determination of their species, the gnats are tested for West Nile (WNV) and other strains of viruses by means of PCR analysis.


Vector monitoring in Austria

Ten years ago, mosquitoes that bite humans (Culicidae, biting gnats) increasingly began to appear north of the Mediterranean area. Since these mosquitoes act as a potential vector for viruses that cause disease in both humans and animals, it is imperative to prepare for this scenario and to develop suitable prevention methods and measures


Gnats and Mosquitoes in Austria

In Austria, about 40 gnat types of 6 different genera have been detected. Although they are all different in terms of their biology and their behaviour, they can be characterised in terms of just a few life forms.