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AGES-Schwerpunkt: Sicher durch den Sommer


AGES provides the latest information on water quality, visibility depth and temperature for all Austrian EU bathing waters in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Health and Women’s Affairs. Also as a mobile app.



Beer is an alcoholic and carbonated beverage that has been made of cereals, hops and water and fermented using yeast.


Safe through the Summer: Ice Cream

Ice cream is subject to intensive examinations in Austria during the summer months. The ice cream is mainly tested for pathogens and dirt. Tests from recent years show: ice cream is a safe food.


Safe through the Summer: Refrigeration of Meat and Fish

Maintaining the cold chain is particularly important for sensitive foods such as raw meat or fish, especially in the summer months.


Obst und Gemüse sind nicht immer keimfrei

Auch pflanzliche Lebensmittel können immer wieder Erkrankungen  verursachen: So gingen beispielsweise in den vergangenen Jahren zwei große lebensmittelbedingte Krankheitsausbrüche in Deutschland auf mit Erregern kontaminierte Sprossen bzw. Tiefkühl-Erdbeeren zurück.


Most Important Pathogens

Science has so far described over 250 pathogens that can cause food-borne diseases. However, only a handful of pathogens are responsible for most of the food-borne infections.


The Kitchen

Observing kitchen hygiene rules at home plays a key role in avoiding food-related infections. What you should pay attention to when shopping for, storing and preparing food.