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Changed on: 29.07.2020

Antibiotics & Resistances

Antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infections are among the most frequently used drugs worldwide. Verifiable relationships exist between their use and the accumulation of instances of antimicrobial resistance.


Vector borne Diseases

For ten years now, mosquitoes (also called gnats) have been increasingly appearing as potential carriers of viruses that cause diseases in humans and animals north of the Mediterranean region. It is important to prepare for this Scenario.


When food makes you sick - on the trail of germs

Microorganisms have existed on Earth for 3.8 billion years and account for 70 percent of living matter. They can be found everywhere, even in food: Desirable in the production of yoghurt, sausages or beer, undesirable as a pathogen.


Safely through the summer

Summer temperatures can be a strain on the human organism, but above all also on food: special attention must be paid to maintaining the cold chain. The Austrian bathing waters also offer cooling and their quality is regularly checked.