CEG notification and annual fee

Notification in CEG

The EU Common Entry Gate (EU CEG) is the EU-wide platform for the collection of the required information on companies and products regulated by the Tobacco Directive. This system ensures the EU-wide availability of the relevant information and studies for participating institutions and citizens. 

Only products reported in CEG - and these are all products regulated under the TNRSG - can be traded on the Austrian market!

The EU Commission reminds companies that only the EU CEG is to be used for registration and data entry.

On the website of the EU-CEG: https://ec.europa.eu/companies will find all information on registration. The greatest possible effort to protect the data in the EU-CEG is guaranteed.

In order to make registration easier for you, AGES has prepared the following documents:

Guideline - Explanation of the CEG registration 

Annex I

Annex II

Reporting in CEG -Plant smoking products (e.g. hemp flowers) 

For a notification of plant-based smoke products - e.g. hemp flowers - the guideline has been supplemented by the tab "Plant smoke products". 

In the section "Tobacco ingredients", "Other" has to be selected in the fields "Tobacco ingredients" for "Part Type" and "Leaf Type" and completed accordingly

Part Type --> the variety - according to the catalogue of varieties for hemp cultivation and

Leaf Type --> the part of the plant (flowers, leaves, blossoms and leaves...)

The sales data must also be indicated!

Certificates regarding the THC content are not to be uploaded, because only varieties that correspond to the "EU Catalogue of Varieties for Hemp Cultivation" may be cultivated.

Payment of the annual fee

Manufacturers or importers who place tobacco products or related products on the market must pay a flat-rate annual fee for the products listed in the Tobacco Fees Ordinance.

For this purpose, the sales volumes of the previous year must be reported annually by 31 May of the current year in the EU-CEG: https://ec.europa.eu/   

The self-calculation of the resulting fee amount to be paid is to be carried out by 15.6. of each year in the: SELF-CALCULATION FORM ANNUAL FEE of the AGES.

The transfer of the corresponding fees must be made by 30.6. of the current year.