Tobacco and Related Products

Changed on: 02.08.2021

In May 2016 the "Tobacco and Non-Smoking Protection Act - TNRSG" came into force, thus transposing the corresponding EU Directive (2014/40/EU) into Austrian law. This directive aims to harmonise the requirements for tobacco products throughout the EU, to improve health protection and to discourage young people from taking up Smoking.

The Tobacco and Non-Smoking Protection Act regulates the placing on the market of tobacco products and related products, including any novel tobacco product, plant-based smoking products, the electronic cigarette and its liquids.

Manufacturers and importers have comprehensive obligations. These range from information on sales volumes,a list of products sold and their ingredients, to the submission of studies on health effects (toxicity, addictive potential) and the collection of all such data in the EU CEG (EU Common Entry Gate).

The following regulations are valid:

Non-Smoker Protection Labelling Regulation

Regulation for the Approval of Novel Tobacco Products

Regulation on the Determination of an Annual Fee to Cover the Costs of Monitoring Tobacco Products for the Approval of Novel Tobacco Products

Combined Health Warning Regulation

Priority List Regulation

Tobacco Product Ingredients Survey Ordinance

Tobacco Product Safety Features Ordinance

On the website of the Ministry of Health you will find relevant information concerning tobacco and related products:

---> Tobacco and Related Products at the Ministry of Health