Radon Measurement in Private Households

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Changed on: 09.02.2021

Radon Measurement in Private Households

Radon detector
Radon Dedektor

Measurements take six months, beginning with July or January (application submitted by 15.6. or 15.12.). All applications received by AGES will receive radon detectors including instructions and a questionnaire about residential conditions  and measurement procedures per mail from the National Radon Centre. The radiation detectors can be set up in the flat by the residents themselves. The detectors and the filled-out questionnaire must be returned to AGES following the end of the measurement period for evaluation.

The free radon measurement program has now ended, a radon measurement is subject to charge. Further information can be obtained from the National Radon Centre of Austria (radonno@Spam@agesno.Spam.at).

In the following video the correct execution of the radon measurement is shown.