Be Careful with Black Smoothies: Active Charcoal Can Mitigate the Efficacy of Medicines

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Many people use Lent to lose weight and detox their bodies. An increasingly common trend is drinking black smoothies containing active charcoal. But beware: medical products with active charcoal are used to treat poisoning and diarrhoeal infections. They should not be used as ingredients in smoothies. There is the danger that ingesting active charcoal could bind other drugs in the intestine making them ineffective. This could affect the efficacy of birth control pills, for instance.

Additionally: smoothies are often hidden sources of sugar

We only recommend low-sugar versions of this trendy drink during the fasting period. Take a close look at the ingredients: the more fruit or fruit juice is used in the drink, the higher its sugar content. One glass of a smoothie (200 ml) can contain up to 120 kcal. Smoothies with higher amounts of leaf vegetables, lettuces, herbs or root vegetables have less sugar and, thus, fewer calories. Moreover, fat-rich ingredients such as avocadoes, almond butter etc. also increase energy levels.