NIRS Proficiency Test 2021

Under the roof of the International Analytical Group (IAG), the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) and the Swiss Federal Competence Centre for Agricultural Research (Agroscope) are organising a near-infrared spectroscopy ring trial.

Nine selected feed samples will be analysed for ingredients using NIRS. The following samples and parameters will be analysed in this year's proficiency test test:

Ruminant feed (compound feed)XP, XL, XF, XS, XA, moisture
Pig feed (compound feed)XP, XL, XF, XS, XA, moisture
Poultry feed (compound feed)XP, XL, XF, moisture
Corn (whole kernels)XP, XL, XF, XS, XZ, moisture
WheatXP, XL, XF, XS, XA, moisture
BarleyXP, XL, XF, XS, XA, moisture
SoybeanXP, XL, moisture
SilageXP, XL, XF, XZ, XA, ADL, NDFom, ADFom, moisture
HayXP, XL, XF, XZ, XA, ADL, NDFom, ADFom, moisture


The aim of this interlaboratory comparison is to compare NIRS results from different laboratories. Participation in the interlaboratory comparison helps the laboratories to ensure better quality and control of their results. In addition, the results provide information on the comparability of measurements by independent NIRS calibrations in the individual laboratories.

Registration: Please register at the following link by 05 February 2021 at the latest.

Participation fee: 55 € per sample

Shipping costs: Inside Europe 35 € → up to 6 samples, 45 € → more than 6 samples
                       Outside Europe 50 € → up to 6 samples, 98 € → more than 6 samples.

Samples will be dispatched on February 19, 2021.

Sample quantity: 200 g per sample

Statistical evaluation: results will be submitted by 26 March 2021 at the latest. All results will be evaluated on dry matter basis. A minimum of 8 participating laboratories are required for complete statistical evaluation of the respective parameters. The evaluation will be anonymous and will include the determination of mean, median, standard deviation, coefficient of variation and z-score using R software.

The report of results will be available electronically from 17 May 2021. Results are confidential and may not be shared or published without the consent of the IAG.

Result evaluation: Each participating laboratory will receive a certificate of participation and documentation of success.

Results discussion:The results of the NIRS round robin will be discussed on 22 June 2021 in the course of a workshop, which will take place the day before the Feed Conference 2021 (23-24 June 2021) in Vienna. If the Feed Conference - due to Covid-19 - has to take place online, the results discussion of the EQAS will also take place in an online meeting.

Registration for participation: February 05, 2021
Sample shipment: February 19, 2021
Submission of results: March 26, 2021
Results report: May 17, 2021
Results meeting: June 22, 2021

Contact:If you need further information please contact, subject "NIRS Ringversuch 2021".