Feed 2020

Feed2020 is the seventh in a series of conferences held biannually and was initiated by the European Union’s leading reference laboratories and research institutions in animal feed.

The availability of sufficient and safe feedingstuff is a key challenge in modern agriculture. While the challenge of undesirable substances in feed remains a major issue, the globalisation of the feed business has further reinforced the need for efficient tools for traceability of feed ingredients. Moreover, the constantly increasing demand for food from animal origin, along with limited resources triggers the need for evaluating new sources of feed ingredients such as insects and efficient feed production.

Additionally, the impact of climate change on feed production should be also taken into account. Keeping the feed safe and sustainable therefore requires a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together all stakeholders, including the industry.

With the six different topics of this International Feed Conference, the organizers tried to cover the current interesting areas for animal feed:

  • Feed safety
  • Quality of feed including feed processing
  • Feed fraud and feed authenticity
  • Impact of climate change on feed production
  • Sustainability and circular economy in the area of feed
  • Impact of feed on animal health and welfare

For further information on the Conference see feed2020.ages.at