Further laws

The Federal Law Gazettes are in the consolidated, amended version. The relevant regulations can be accessed at www.ris.bka.gv.at.

Product Claims

Commission Regulation (EU) 655/2013 sets out common criteria to justify product claims used in relation to cosmetic products.

Animal Testing 

Commission Recommendation2006/406/EC – information requirements referring to animal testing

Sunscreen Products

Commission Recommendation 2006/647/EC – on the efficacy of sunscreen products and the claims made relating thereto

Product Safety

Product Safety Act 2004 – PSG 2004, Federal Law Gazette I No. 16/2005


Pre-Packaging Regulation – FPVO 1993, Federal Law Gazette No. 867/1993

CMR Substances (Hazardous Substances)

Article 15 of Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 on cosmetic products regulates the use of substances that are classified as CMR substances in regards to classification level, labelling and the packaging of substances and mixtures in line with Regulation (EU) 1272/2008.
Exemptions on the use of CMR substances are also found in Article 15 of this Regulation on cosmetic products. In addition, Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 provides further information on the classification of hazardous substances that is important for safety assessments, in particular.

Purity Criteria for Colorants

The provision on purity criteria for colorants found in Annex IV of Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 on cosmetic products has been incorporated into Regulation (EU) No. 231/2012 with specifications for food additives. As a result, the purity criteria for colorants used in cosmetics are defined together with other food additives in one Regulation.


The Austrian Cosmetics Regulations -- in effect up to 2013 -- became obsolete with the Commission Regulation coming into effect. The Austrian Cosmetics Implementing Provision Federal Law Gazette II No. 330/2013 regulates the necessity of German language labelling and labelling regulations for unpacked goods.

Austrian Food Code

Cosmetic Products

Code Chapter B 33 – natural cosmetics, alcoholic liniment, sunscreen

Organic Cosmetics

Code Chapter A 08 – agricultural products from organic agriculture and products made from them: organic cosmetics

Good Manufacturing Practices

Guideline of the Austrian Food Code Commission on the Manufacturing of Cosmetic Products in line with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practics (cosmetics GMP) (2nd edition)

International Guidelines and Assessments

Leitlinien des wissenschaftlichen Kosmetikausschusses (SCCS) - The SCCS'S Notes of Guidance for the Testing of Cosmetic Substances and their Safety Evaluation - 8th Revision

Wissenschaftlicher Kosmetikausschuss ab 2013 (Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety, SCCS), Opinions
Wissenschaftlicher Kosmetikausschuss ab 2009 - 2013 (Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety, SCCS), Opinions

Wissenschaftlicher Kosmetikausschuss von 2004 -2009 (Scientific Committee for Consumer Products, SCCP), Opinions

Wissenschaftlicher Kosmetikausschuss bis 2004 (Scientific Committee for Cosmetic Products and Non-Food-Produkts, SCCNFP), Opinions