Rabies - Titer testing for small animals

Hund mit EU-Heimtierausweis

The administration for taking a pet on a journey is time-intensive (be careful: intervals for entering in a country!). Please take time to organize everything!

For the verification of a sufficient Rabies Immunisation Protection an Rabies antibody test at least equal to 0.5 IU/ml must be carried out on a blood sample taken by an authorised veterinarian before the animal is being moved. The test has to be carried out in an EU-approved laboratory.

Informations (Laboratory, Contact, Costs)  for the testing procedure

Information for travellers with pets

Informations for travellers - BMASGK

Entry to Austria

Entry and Re-Entry to Austria from third countries - BMASGK

Movement of other pets between Member states of the EU, the EEA and Switzerland - BMASGK

You may encounter problems on the EU-border, in the country but also when you re-enter to Austria from outside of the EU if you travel with your pet without a valid rabies report (= illegal import of pets).

Information about rabies titer analysis (Please, do not use another e-mail adress or telephone number):

AGES-Institute for vet.med. Disease Control Mödling:
Tel: +43 50 555-38112
Dr. Eveline Wodak: Tel.Nr.: +43 50 555-38230, eveline.wodakno@Spam@agesno.Spam.at
Dr. Susanne Richter: Tel.Nr.: +43 50 555-38400, susanne.richterno@Spam@agesno.Spam.at