The investigations to monitor IBR/IPV, as well as pre- auction and sale investigations shall be conducted at the AGES-Institute for Veterinary Disease Control in Linz.

The following samples may be submitted for examination:

  • Serum or whole blood without anticoagulants (not frozen! fill volume > 7ml)
  • Milk from tanks or individual animals

Contact persons

Dr. Michael Dünser
Dr. Simone Mitterhuemer
Dr. Eva Sodoma

Tel. +43 50 555-45111 oder +43 50 555-41111


AGES – Institute for Veterinary Disease Control Linz
4020 Linz, Wieningerstraße 8
Faxnummer: +43 50 555-45109

Opening hours and sample drop-off

Monday - Thursday: 07.30 - 15.30Friday: 07.30 -15.00


Please submit samples with requisite forms (see downloads)!