Examination: BTV Animal Transportation

Test facility
AGES – Institute for Veterinary Disease Control Linz
Wieningerstraße 8
4020 Linz
Telephone: +43 50 555-45111
Fax: +43 50 555-45109
Email: vetmed.linzno@Spam@agesno.Spam.at

ATTENTION: samples of animals suspected of being affected by BTV or samples taken as part of official BTV monitoring must be sent to the NRL for Bluetongue disease (AGES Institute Mödling)!

Blood collection tubes
Blood samples are processed in our lab by a pipette robot. Thus, we would like to ask you to submit any blood samples in 9ml tubes, type Vacuette (by Greiner  Bio One: Serum tube Order No. 455092, EDTA tube Order No. 455036) for quick processing (no extra transfer into suitable tubes at the lab).

Alternatively, you can use blood tubes by other manufacturers, but please make sure that the tube should be 16 mm in diameter and 100 mm in length.

Serum tubes are required for testing for BTV antibodies (ELISA), while EDTA blood is imperative for testing for the BTV virus (PCR).

Informations about prices (ELISA: BTV-AK and PCR: BTV-AG) per mail (mailto:preisauskunft_VETno@Spam@agesno.Spam.at bzw. vetmed.linzno@Spam@agesno.Spam.at) or per telephone (050555 45111).

Submitting samples
Sample delivery or submission via mail/courier/courier service or Medlog between 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Monday to Thursday) and between 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Fridays.

Test cycle
Samples are processed daily from Monday to Friday. All samples received by the lab by 9:00 a.m. will be processed on the same day. The test is usually completed within 1-2 work days.

Questions on submissions can be asked and results obtained under  050555-45111 or via email to vetmed.linzno@Spam@agesno.Spam.at.

In especially urgent cases or outside normal working hours: institute mobile IVET LINZ: +43 664 8398178

Transferring test data
We would like to ask you to send a csv file and the completed US application form (see downloads) by email to office.vetlinzno@Spam@agesno.Spam.at so the test data for the samples taken from sample takers can be fed to the house-own IT system and shown on the report

IVET Linz will provide the required csv sample lists on request (see download). The following information is required: date of sample taking; LFBIS number, sample number, ear tag number, birth date (optional)

Example: csv file

csv file_BTV-Animal transportation

Accompanying letter for samples
A fully completed accompanying letter must be enclosed. AGES Linz can provide a template.

Sample accompanying letter_BTV Animal transportation

Placing samples in the transport boxes
Always place tubes from left to right.

placing samples in transport box

Report delivery
Test result/reports with an electric signature will be delivered to the client via email or fax.
Make sure to provide the correct fax number and/or email address when submitting a sample!