Current Offers

Examination: BTV Animal Transportation

Information on BTV-examinations as part of animal transportation.


IBR/IPV Testing

In order to prevent the spread of IBR a temporary ban on the shipment of cattle via all trading facilities was announced. By the end of March all animals to be moved in herds are to have certified testing for IBR/IPV.


Suckling Pig Diarrhoea: Bacteria and Coronaviruses

Bacterial and viral diarrhoea diseases rank among the greatest causes of loss amongst suckling pigs and consequently can have the most major economic impact. Our testing package includes bacteriological, virological and parasitological investigations.


Determination of pregnancy in cattle and goats from their milk

A new test for the first time enables reliable determination of pregnancy in cattle and goats from their milk. AGES has been offering this test since 2014, which represents a wise addition to veterinary livestock care.


Abortion Diagnosis

Fertility disorders and loss of livestock through spontaneous abortion or miscarriage rank among the most economically significant factors in agriculture. Only through targeted and comprehensive diagnostics is it possible to take effective measures.


Pseudotuberculosis in small ruminants

Only through the development and introduction of a standardised ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) does the possibility now exists of catching Pseudotuberculosis early and clarifying any relevant suspected clinical cases.


Rabies - Titer testing for small animals

Dogs and cats also need protection against Rabies by vaccination whenever they go on Holiday.


Testing for current/topical diseases

Information on diarrhoea in pigs - PEDV.