SoilCheck "Bodencheck"

Changed on: 14.12.2018
The "Bodenchek" - This simple nutrient test provides information about garden or lawn soil.
Filled sample-bag together with gardening tools and Bodencheck-Box.

A soil analysis is the foundation of any fertilisation in hobby gardening. Studies show that the plants often can no longer absorb the nutrients present. Excessive fertilisation can even lead to plant damage which is, for example, a far more common damage type than the one caused by nutrient deficiency.

An easily performed test provides information about over or undersupply of nutrients in the garden or lawn soil. A soil sample is analysed for the major plant nutrients and subsequently a nutrient and fertiliser recommendation provided.

AQA, AIT (formerly known as Austrian Research Centers) in Seibersdorf, AGES (Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety) and all soil experts of the Federal Government (b4) have jointly developed this test.

Eutrophication or the wrong addition of nutrients waste money, pollute the environment and put a strain on health. In addition, the plants are much more susceptible to diseases and pests.

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