The use of strong and healthy seeds is a prerequisite for successful plant production for a variety of reasons.

  • Preventing epidemics (e.g. loose smut, common bunt etc.) 
  • Preventing the spread of diseases (e.g. dwarf bunt, anthracnose etc.) 
  • Reduction of pesticide use 
  • Preventing bad germination properties and bad development of young plants (e.g. Septoria nodorum, pink snow mould) 
  • Contributing to commercial and ecological plant cultivation 
  • Contributing to high-profile harvest yields and high-quality feedstuffs

The seeds are tested for the most seed-relevant diseases and their quality is assessed using limits (economic damage limits) as part of the seed approval procedure during field inspection and/or laboratory tests.

BAES:  information on seed-relevant legal aspects of farm-own seeds.