Research Infrastructure

AGES operates 82 reference laboratories and reference centres, 2 high-security laboratories, experimental stations in 4 climate zones, 2 research conservatories, 20 registries and collections as well as a gene bank.

- Reference laboratories and reference centres
- Experimental stations / research conservatories
- L-3+ laboratory in Mödling
- Registries and collections
- Gene bank

Pool of experts

1,387 employees
570 experts
395 of which are academic staff
350 of whom hold a doctorate's degree and 13 hold a post-doctoral degree (habilitation)
290 thereof are reviewers and/or evaluators
400 experts working in R&D or knowledge transfer activities
200 AGES employees with duties in 600 national and/or international panels

Knowledge transfer activities of AGES

500 presentations delivered to professional audiences
50 scientific publications
150 articles published in specialist journals or conference proceedings
approximately 80 ongoing research projects
50 stakeholder events by the AGES Academy

Knowledge Transfer and Science Communications

We offer specific information, seminars, training and scientific advice to the professional public upon request.