BTSF Focal Point

The AGES is the focal point and contact for BTSF-interested parties in Austria


AGES experts regularly provide their expertise as tutors in the context of international BTSF trainings.

Better Training for Safer Food (BTSF)

Better Training for Safer Food (BTSF) is a European Commission's training initiative.
The main objectives of BTSF are the organization and development of an EU training strategy to ensure and maintain a high level of consumer protection as well as animal health, animal welfare and plant health, ongoing improvement and harmonization of official controls in the EU countries, the creation of the conditions for a level playing field for food companies which contribute to the EU's priority for employment and growth, and the harmonization of control procedures between EU and non-EU partners.


Training activities have existed since 2006. Courses are offered in EU and non-EU countries and are aimed at the officials of the competent authorities concerned with official controls from the EU and selected non-EU countries.
Participation in BTSF activities takes place through the competent authorities in each country. The BTSF Contact Points have been appointed in EU Member States and certain other non-EU countries to coordinate the selection of participants.