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AGES offers a wide range of training and further education seminars, workshops, information events and company visits for educational plans in rural development (LE 14-20) incl. ÖPUL (the Austrian Programme for Environmentally Friendly Agriculture), based on its diverse and comprehensive expert knowledge of agricultural resources and its use in sustainable, innovative cultivation, in addition to its knowledge of animal health and food and feed safety.
The educational services to LE 14-20 provided by the AGES Academy are still in their infancy and are being expanded in cooperation with other partners and education providers (LFIs in particular) on an ongoing basis.

First Hand Competence and Relevance

AGES’s experts provide top, up-to-date, content-rich knowledge transfer to farmers, thanks to their leading roles in the preparation of technical content and regulations in Austria and their EU-level cooperation in the fields of soil and plant nutrition, fertilisers, seeds, varieties and biodiversity, plant health, plant protection products, animal health, and food and feed safety, as well as bees. The feedback provided by the farmers taking the courses is a valuable, as it ensures that demand for content that can be applied on a practical level helps better meet the goals of LE 14-20 (ÖPUL).

AGES Academy: Knowledge to Success

The modern, knowledge transfer methods used by the AGES Academy -- such as E-learning -- and the recognised professional competence of our tutors and lecturers make it possible to offer AGES’s integrative knowledge in a direct form. The online tools developed and continuously updated by AGES are incorporated in seminar and workshop content and allow participants to apply them at their farms in an optimal manner.

Follow-up support, FAQs and newsletters complete the knowledge transfer in the longer-term.

LE-14-20 Course Offers by the AGES Academy

The courses available with LE 14-20 content at AGES for up to the end of 2016 are listed in chronological order in the event calendar.

Also make use of the AGES Academy E-learning service for LE 14-20, the educational obligations accompanying the ÖPUL measures. This programme will go online by mid-2016.

Planned Events

Please inform us about demand for “LE 14-20 education and training courses with no fixed dates as yet”, by sending us a non-binding email to akademieno@Spam@agesno.Spam.at. This will help us put together a service oriented to your needs.

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Geplante Veranstaltungen

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LE 14-20

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LE 14-20
09.04.2022 - 03.09.2022
Workshopreihe LEBENsmittelwissen für Pädagog*innen der Tourismusschulen
Type: Workshopreihe
Location: Österreich
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