Residue Analysis of Hormones and Hormonally Active Substances in Animal Matrices

Analysis of residues of hormones and hormonally active substances in animal matrices, illustrated by using selected methods; Hormones and hormonally active substances, as well as their metabolites as potential residues; Validation of analytical methods in line with EU criteria (Commission Decision 2002/657/EC); Requirements for screening and validation methods in line with Commission Decision 2002/657/EC; Overview about the legal regulations within the EU; Sample receipt and management; sample registration via database system; Laboratory infrastructure and laboratory staff qualifications; Quality management, proficiency tests; Reporting.

Target group

  • Analysts, heads of laboratories
  • Experts and expert witnesses in quality management, research and consulting of food manufacturers and inspection bodies
  • Interested parties

Participation limit: Five-day standard course with max. four participants

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Responsible for the Content
Dr. Georg Mayerhofer
Department for Veterinary Medicinal Products, Hormones and Contaminants
National Reference Laboratory for Veterinary Drugs and Hormones
Institute for Food Safety Vienna, AGES


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