Migration of Primary Aromatic Amines, Melamine and Formaldehyde from Plastic Kitchen Utensils

Each participant will carry out all relevant procedures on real samples under professional supervision in a laboratory for routine analysis. Food simulating migrates are prepared under defined time/temperature conditions from various kitchen utensils, made of e.g. melamine-formaldehyde resins and nylon, which are subsequently examined for their release primary aromatic amines, melamine and formaldehyde using LC-MS/MS, GC-MS and spectrophotometric techniques. The concentrations in the migrates are then converted to the samples and the results obtained are finally assessed from a legal and toxicological point of view.

Target group

  • Analysts
  • Head of laboratories
  • Users from the field of food contact materials with knowledge in analytical chemistry and in instrumental analysis

Participation limit: 8-day standard course with up to four participants (the duration of the course can be adjusted according to your needs).

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