Fit in Lab Practice

Let your own skills, company and laboratory benefit from the experience of the National Reference Laboratories.
Safe and high-quality food, animal feed and resources require quick and secure evidence that is corroborated by laboratory results. The Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) is offering “laboratory practice” in a practice-oriented series of advanced training courses: seminars, workshops and lab training to detect residues and pathogens, as well as confirming the quality of food products, animal feed and resources, among others.

The next round of seminars, workshops and lab training courses on the analysis of veterinary drug residues, genetically modified organisms and the identification of elements will be held in Autumn. The course programme for advanced training is being expanded on a continuous basis.
AGES manages 63 National Reference Laboratories, 21 National Reference Centres and 11 national laboratories for special tasks, as well as the Official Medicines Control Laboratory to examine food, animal feed, agricultural resources and farm resources and to check for agents and pathogens in humans, animals and plants. A total of 705,319 samples are tested using 1,300 accredited methods every year.

The seminars/workshops/lab training sessions will help you learn more about the:

  • Relevance of taking samples
  • Processing samples
  • Analytics
  • Infrastructure/Equipment
  • Staff qualifications
  • QM 
  • Reporting
  • Use of test results

AGES Academy: Knowledge for Success

You will find our special course offers in the calendar (see below). Other dates, differing from those stated, may be arranged upon request.

Should you be interested in one of our courses, please use the contact provided at the respective date or contact our course management at

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