Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answers to possible questions for first-time registrations or bookings of AGES events.

Question 1: Do I need a personal email address for registration?

Answer: Yes. Your personal email address is used as your unique identification in the electronic booking system, as every email address is only available once. You will receive all your access data information and any event-related information, as well as invoices for formats subject to charges, to your personal email address (office@... or contact@... will not be accepted), once you become a user.

Question 2: Are there any special requirements for my password?

Answer: A minimum of 8 characters, two of which should be numbers.

Question 3: How do I get my access data?

Answer: Via email to your personal email address

Question 4: Do I have to click on the activation link sent to me per email?
Answer: Yes

Question 5: Why do I have to provide a billing address and a payment address?

Answer: So we can correctly send you the invoice for the conference fee for events subject to charges. The invoice will be sent to the billing address, while the payer is the institution/person who will actually pay the bill. Many companies differentiate between the two (e.g. company X is headquartered in Vienna, its Finance Department, however, is located in Linz).
For private individuals, the billing and payment address will usually be the same.

Question 6: Do I also have to click on the billing address and payment when booking events that are free of charge?

Answer: No

Question 7: I would like to book the PSM Sachkundekurs (Plant Protection Product Expert Knowledge Course) or receive the PSM Sachkunde Certificate. What do I have to consider in addition to booking and payment?

Answer: The PSM certificate, which you can apply for after finishing the course, is a photo ID. Therefore, you will have to enter your birth date in your user profile and upload a passport photo (please use .bmp format).