Pesticides Expertise Certificate (PSM-Sachkundenachweis)

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There must be a minimum number of staff members holding a certificate (Pflanzenschutzmittel-Sachkundenachweis) when selling pesticides, in accordance with the 2011 Regulation on pesticides, to be able to provide customers appropriate tips on the use of pesticides and information on health and environmental risks, as well as safety tips on risk management for the products in question.

This E-Learning course will help you gain the required expert knowledge. The Federal Office for Food Safety will issue your certificate subject to a fee after receiving confirmation of successful course completion.


There will be balance of topics in line with Appendix I of Directive 2009/128 EC, based on the following modules, amounting to 16 hours:

  • Legal Regulations
  • Pesticide Knowledge 
  • Licensing and Approval of Pesticides 
  • Pesticides Register 
  • Market Placement of Pesticides 
  • Integrated Plant Protection and Ecological Cultivation 
  • Toxicology and User Protection 
  • Pesticide Residues and Consumer Protection 
  • Environmental and Groundwater Protection Basics 
  • Activities to Minimise Risks and Prevent Damage

Additional information can be found on the website of the Federal Office for Food Safety.

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Note: this course can only be completed using computers with the Windows operating system.

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