African Swine Fever

African swine fever (ASP) is a dangerous animal disease and therefore notifiable in Austria. No cases of African swine fever have ever occurred in Austria. In case of crisis diagnosis is made at the national reference laboratory of AGES.


Cockchafer / Close linge

This year again a mass flight of cockchafers is to be expected in certain areas of Upper Austria, Salzburg and Tyrol. Their swarming is noticeable during the evening hours at forest edges or striking single trees.


Information on Legionella diseases

The number of people in Europe suffering from Legionnaires’ disease (legionellosis) has increased in recent years. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), 7069 cases were reported in Europe in 2016. The number of cases has also risen in Austria: 100 cases of Legionnaires’ disease were documented in 2013, and 218 were documented in 2017.


Announcements by the Federal Offices

BAES: The new plant protection register is online

At the beginning of July, the new pesticide register of the Federal Office for Food Safety went online. It offers numerous new features such as improved search queries, personalisation options and electronic notification for applicants and marketing authorisation holders.


BASG: Bestmögliche Versorgung mit Arzneimitteln zur COVID 19-Therapie

Bund und Länder haben sich auf ein neues Verteilschema für COVID-19 therapierelevante Arzneimittel geeinigt, das die bestmögliche Versorgung der österreichischen Krankenhäuser sicherstellt: In jedem Bundesland wird es eine zentrale COVID 19-Apotheke geben, über die sowohl der Bedarf an COVID-19 therapierelevanten Arzneimittel erhoben als auch die Verteilung an die Krankenhäuser im jeweiligen Bundesland durchgeführt wird.