Changed on: 16.08.2021

AGES is a limited liability company, wholly-owned by the Federal Republic of Austria. The Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection and the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism exercise all shareholder rights in relation to AGES.

AGES provides a variety of services in the fields of public health care, food safety and consumer protection. The legal basis for its work is the Austrian Health and Food Safety Act (GESG), including the relevant laws (such as the Austrian Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act), and all applicable European regulations.

All further legal requirements are governed by the provisions for limited liability companies.

Conditions of Purchase

Conditions of Purchase

The following conditions of purchase apply only to any order made by AGES GmbH in its role as a purchaser.

Should AGES’ general terms and conditions of purchase differ to the general terms and conditions of the contract partner, these terms and conditions shall only be binding if they have been accepted and acknowledged by AGES in writing.

Here you will find the electronic application sheet for deliverers.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance broadly describes the responsible management and control of companies. The term Public Corporate Governance is used for governmental institutions, expanding the original term with the criterion of transparency.

In Austria, companies such as AGES fall under the so-called „Public Corporate Governance Kodex“, which was compiled by a working group at the Austrian Chancellery. This codex creates uniform guidelines for public companies aiming to facilitate their control and management.

Public Corporate Governance Bericht der AGES für das Geschäftsjahr 2020

    Public_Corporate_Governance_Bericht_2020.pdf (630 K)
    download file

Code of Conduct

Die AGES steht für die Werte verantwortungsvoll, objektiv und kompetent. Unsere Werte stehen im Mittelpunkt unseres Handelns und spiegeln unsere Kultur wider. Der Verhaltenskodex der AGES ist die Basis für moralisch, ethisch und rechtlich einwandfreie Verhaltensweisen all unserer MitarbeiterInnen.

Official Signature

Official Signature

The Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety (AGES) uses the figurative mark found in the following PDF document for all officially signed electronic documents.